Guest Speaker | Roger Hoagland | 7-9-23

Roger Hoagland Christian Missions began in 2002 as a non-profit organization assisting the poor in third world countries. In addition to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they contribute to the needs of the people by providing medical clinics in areas with poor medical care, food distribution programs, disaster relief, church planting, and development of water wells in remote areas. Since 2002, they have brought mission teams from the US to assist with disaster relief on four different occasions in Haiti and on one occasion in China after devastating earthquakes; provided medicines and treatment to thousands of people in Africa, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Ecuador, Nicaragua; assisted in the building of three churches in Kenya,; worked in construction projects in Ecuador as well as many domestic projects assisting the homeless.

Come out this Sunday, July 9th to hear from Roger and gain insight into all that the Lord has called him to, and the work of the ministry! You won’t want to miss it.