The key focus of this ministry is to develop faith-based personal relationships with fellow Christians to enhance our knowledge, belief and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Currently our Bible study focus is an in-depth review and discussion of the weekly Sunday Sermon presented by Senior Pastor Phil Ballmaier.
Our Small Group Home Fellowships normally meet on Tuesdays or Thursdays in the communities surrounding Calvary Chapel.  Our home fellowships are meeting in-person and via Zoom, an app that enables individuals to join via live video for Study and fellowship. 
Interested in joining a Small Group? 
Complete the form below and our Small Group Leader Mike Nuxoll will follow-up with you.
Tuesday Night Group – 7 PM
Pastor Phil Ballmaier
Pete Matranga
Thursday Night Group – 7 PM
Michael Attardi
Mike Nuxoll
Pastor Frank Warburton
For your convenience we’ve created the Bible Study Guide in an electronic format. These are downloadable and printable, however the intent is to save on the printing process. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have trouble viewing study guides in Chrome Incognito or Private Browsers, open a regular browser window to view.