Lessons From The Empty Tomb

This Sunday, we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single greatest event in the history of the world—and the cornerstone of the Christian faith. In fact, it is so foundational to Christianity that anyone who denies the physical, bodily resurrection of Christ cannot be a genuine Christian—because it is an essential doctrine of the Christian faith (built on Scripture) for salvation.
You see, without the resurrection there is no Christian faith, no salvation—and no hope for man.
As Paul the Apostle said, “If Christ is not risen, then our preaching is useless, your faith is meaningless, we are still in our sins, those who have died believing in Christ are lost and we are of all men the most pathetic. We might as well eat, drink, and be merry for there is nothing more to life than this.”
However Paul went on to say, “But now Christ is risen from the dead and is the first fruits from the grave of those who have died believing in Jesus.”

Christmas 2018 Message

Miss this years’ Christmas Day Service? Or would you like to listen/watch it again?

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The War on Christmas

Well, after taking a few years off—I see that the war on Christmas is back.That the “Grinches” are back who want to do away with Christmas—or at least downplay it to the point that it is no longer recognizable. For example:
  • Many retailers have instructed their employees to no longer say “Merry Christmas” but instead to say something generic like “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings.”
  • Many companies won’t allow their employees to put up a Manger or to even have a small one displayed on their desk.
  • Many employers have instructed their employees that they can’t give one another Christmas cards containing any “religious” themes as they might be offensive to some.
Of course, one of the main areas where we see this anti-Christmas,  political correctness being promoted is in public schools across our nation.

Christmas Dessert Message

The audio and video messages are now available online for the 2018 Calvary Chapel Women’s Christmas Dessert. Cyndi Ballmaier shared her heart in her message, “White As Snow”. The theme verse reference comes out of Isaiah 1:18.
Watch the video by clicking here, Audio is available on our website here
A special thank you to all those who were a part of making this years’ event a blessing for all those who attended.

Audio Blog Test

Listen to Pastor Phil for this years’ Christmas Message. This is a test.
Download the PDF here.

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Remember and Reflect…

Undoubtedly, as the Christmas and New Year season quickly approaches—we can often times get so caught up in to–do lists, shopping, travel plans, and things that need to get done—that we become overwhelmed, rushed and anxious.
Well—why not listen to Pastor Phil’s ‘The Story of Christmas’ teachings, while you’re on the go?! Take Him with you using the mobile app.
May The Lord help each of us to take the time to prepare our hearts—and REMEMBER and REFLECT on all that The Lord has done, and the greatest gift He gave us so long ago.
Download the app today on the App Store or Google Play,
OR from your mobile device, visit www.ccelkgrove.org and select OK when prompted.

2017 Calvary Christmas Services

The C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Story

As a pastor I’m always looking for new ways to communicate the timeless truths of Scripture in a way that will help God’s people remember them and apply them into their lives.
This morning I would like to attempt to do that very thing by using the word “Christmas” as an acrostic which I hope will help you to remember what the Christmas story is all about.
Of course, Christmas is about the birth of the Christ-child—something that has gotten lost in all the hype and commercialism that has come to characterize the Christmas season.
The birth of this special Child was foretold in numerous places in the O.T.—one of the prophecies that we’re most familiar with comes out of Isaiah 9:6—