Why Do We Observe Water Baptism?

Water baptism is a public, outward action that indicates a personal, inward faith. It gives evidence of the inner change that has already occurred in the believer’s life when he/she were “born again” through faith in Jesus Christ.
An individual is testifying by their action with the message of the gospel, the person of Jesus Christ and with other believers. 
It associates the believer with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and signifies the believer’s death to the old life and his/her resurrection as a new creation in Christ.  See the following verses:
*  Romans 6:1–8
*  Colossians 2:12
We believe it’s important to uphold the scriptural practices of the early church, including water baptism and Communion. We do not believe that either of these practices is essential for salvation, but that they serve as a demonstration of our living faith in Christ.

Who Should be Baptized?

All born-again believers in Jesus Christ—and only believers—should be baptized. See the following verses for further clarification:
*  Mark 16:15–16
*  Acts 8:12, 36–38
*  Acts 16:31–33
*  Acts 18:8
If you are interested in being baptized or have questions, please contact the church office at 847-895-3545 or fill out the Inquiry Form.
May the Lord richly bless you,
and guide your steps,
as you walk with Him, day by day.