Our goal is to rescue at least 2 children through this fundraiser!  Can you help us??
We were grateful for all those who came out or donated to help rescue a child from the horrendous act of child trafficking.  We set a goal to save two, but are on our way to rescuing a third!  You can still be a part of it.  Click the DONATE HERE button below.
Did you know that human trafficking is a $150 billion per year industry?
It’s estimated over 1 million children worldwide are entrapped in this horrific practice, and honestly that’s probably an underestimation. The heart of God is grieved by this practice, and our heart should be, too.
Many of us have felt the urge to help those in need, but we didn’t know how, or where to send money, or volunteer, or what ministries to pray for. Destiny Resuce is a ministry that has been helping survivors of trafficking escape for over 20 years. Not only do they help them physically escape, they provide medical care, psychological care, job training, Biblical counseling and more.
This walk/run is to raise awareness about how we can come together as a community and help be a part of rescuing those who, without Destiny Rescue, may never escape. It costs around $1,500 to rescue a child, from the agents flying there, sometimes paying the fee to whomever is using the child, and give them aftercare. The goal of this fundraiser is to rescue at least 2 children. To quote Chris Russell, “What could we ever do in life that costs $1,500 and is more important than rescuing a child?”