Throughout the Old Testament, God through His prophets cried out to the people telling them to hear the Word of the Lord. Here at Calvary Chapel, we place a great emphasis on teaching the Word of God. God’s Word is at the center of every service. It is the responsibility of the Sound Ministry to use the tools and equipment that God has provided to enable all to hear.
In addition to providing sound support for the Main Sanctuary the sound team is responsible for recording. Our sermon archives also become the core of the Radio Ministry of Calvary Chapel Elk Grove, “Day By Day.”
God has called many to serve in this ministry. Some have come with a strong background in sound engineering, others have not.
What This Ministry Entails:
Regardless of your background or experience, the most important qualification is having a willing heart to serve. God begins with a call, then He provides. Not all are called to serve in this ministry as is true with any other area of service.
Serving in this ministry requires technical skill, a keen sense of hearing, some heavy lifting, and good communication skills. Ears are the most important instrument that a sound technician has. The lead technician must be capable of setting the stage, troubleshooting issues, and properly mixing the sound.  
Not only are you responsible for mixing the sound for the congregation, but must also be equipped to be sensitive to the musicians and their needs. This balance creates a seamless, Spirit-led unity between the pastor, sound team and worship team. This unity is paramount in providing the congregation with a beautiful blend that causes the Body of Christ to worship and praise without distraction.
New team members are paired with an experienced technician for several months before they are given the opportunity to run the board. However, anyone can start learning by helping set up and tear down equipment on their first day.
An accomplished sound tech requires years of training and experience, however an effective member of the sound team need only be reliable, committed, and possess a servants heart.
If you love Jesus and feel called to this ministry, we can help you with the rest.
“Moreover it is required
in stewards that
one be
found faithful.”
1 Corinthians 4:2
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