79. Revelation 17:10-18 (5-11-22)

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Sermon Notes

Revelation 17:10-18
Pastor Phil Ballmaier
The Book of Revelation 2022
Join Pastor Phil Ballmaier of Calvary Chapel Elk Grove as continues to teach verse-by-verse through The Book of Revelation on Wednesday nights. Calvary Chapel is a non-denominational fellowship in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in Illinois.
Tonight Pastor Phil continues in Chapter 17 of Revelation. As the 2nd half of the Tribulation approaches, an angel of God reminds John (in verse 10) to read the following section of scripture “with godly wisdom”. In other words, very carefully, and seeking after God’s Spirit to interpret this wisely…
We have a startling view of the 2nd Half of the Tribulation. There will be no mistaking the wickedness to come as the once ‘peaceable’ imposter will be inhabited by demonic spirits. The ‘world’ or earth-dwellers who have been under his spell will soon witness his wrath as he demands that ALL MEN worship him, and as “the abomination that causes desolation”, he sets up an image of himself to be worshiped in the temple. Keep in mind, in this section of scripture, the Church has already been raptured, or taken up.
Kingdoms or empires that have risen and fallen over the course of history. Pay close attention to the section of Pastor Phil’s message where we hear Daniel’s prophecy. It brings clarity to tonight’s verses.
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