Prayer | AM1160 Radio Spot | 3-11-21

As many of you know, The Lord opened up the doors for Pastor Phil to be on the radio—for over 17 years ago now. Day By Day Radio is the listener-supported teaching ministry of Calvary Chapel on AM1160 Chicago.
We praise Him for that, as its’ expanded the ministry here at Calvary beyond our walls—and in ways we couldn’t have even imagined!
Pastor Phil was asked to be interviewed by the program, Common Ground on Thursday, March 11th, and it will be airing at 4:15 PM that day. Please pray for Pastor Phil between 1:15 and 1:45 tomorrow(the interview starts at 1:30).
Then tune in at 4:15 on AM1160 Chicago to hear the interview. We’ll also be posting the audio on our Day By Day website. 
AM1160 has given the Day By Day Radio Program a spotlight for the month of March. We pray that it will produce much fruit for the Kingdom!