The Heart of the Matter

I would like to start off by saying that nothing is more important in the eyes of God than a pure heart.

What you are, how you think, what you do are all the result of what condition your heart is in. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that your heart is truly at the heart of everything God desires for your life.  Medically speaking we know that the heart is the organ inside our chest cavity that pumps blood to the various parts of our body. Biblically speaking, the heart is the ‘master control center’ of your soul (your inner man) and the seat of your will which controls the way you live your life.  That’s why the Word of God admonishes us to: “Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

Now, there are two kinds of hearts in the world—pure hearts and polluted hearts, or in other words redeemed hearts and fallen hearts. Since the Bible


He Is Risen!

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(Originally published 4/15/11)

Here we are just about a week away from the greatest holiday this world has ever celebrated—the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single greatest event in the history of the world and the cornerstone of the Christian faith.

The resurrection was the central message of all Apostolic preaching in the book of Acts and is the very bedrock upon which the gospel is built.

It is so foundational to Christianity that anyone who denies the physical, bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ cannot be a genuine Christian.

Without the resurrection there is no Christian faith, no salvation and no hope for man.