2016 Annual Harvest Party

Sign up this Sunday for our Annual Fall Harvest Party. This is a great opportunity for families and individuals to dress up in costume, share fellowship, pizza and make some memories together. (No scary costumes please).
We ask that families planning on attending to bring a dessert to share. Sign-up sheets will be available at the back of the sanctuary this Sunday.

Prayer & Fasting Week

We will be holding our week of Fasting & Prayer.
All other midweek gatherings will be cancelled.
Child Care will be provided For Wednesday only.

God’s Chosen Fast

Every 6 months our church sets aside five days from Monday through Friday to fast and seek the Lord in prayer. I think that, for the most part, fasting is no longer practiced by many Christians in America.  Most Christians in this country see fasting as a kind of medieval, monastic practice that has its roots in fanaticism and is not something we need to concern ourselves with today.
However, that is simply not true—fasting is something that was practiced by God’s people in both Old and New Testament times as well as all throughout the Church Age.



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