Important Church News | 10-30-20

Dear Calvary Family,
Unfortunately, because of the spike in COVID-19 cases in Cook County, the Governor of Illinois has mandated that public meetings must be no larger than 25 people. The Pavilion (Elk Grove Park District) where we meet for Wednesday and Sunday Services has told me that our church must abide by these guidelines.
This has forced us to seek out another facility to temporarily meet in going forward. We hope to have another place secured in the next week. However, for this Sunday’s services we are going to ask our regular members to stay at home and watch our Sunday service via livestream.
This will allow any new people and visitors (those we don’t know are going to come this Sunday and therefore can’t get this announcement to them) to use what little seating available so we don’t have to turn them away at the door.
I am hoping this will only be for this coming Sunday, November 1st. After that, we hope to be in a new facility that will allow all of us to meet together without limitations.
Also, Wednesday Bible Study on November 4th is cancelled to transition into the new building.
Please, keep these changes in your prayers for God’s guidance for our church going forward.
And finally, if you haven’t voted yet—please, please, please do so and remember to VOTE YOUR VALUES!
I am calling for a church-wide Zoom Prayer Meeting for Monday, November 2nd at 7 PM to pray for Tuesday’s election. Please join us. I will get the link out later today.
That’s all for now, if you have any questions please call the church at: 847-895-3545 so we can talk. Be sure to check our church website for updates. We will communicate the complete details both on our website and email.
May the Lord bless you and your families, our church family and our country going forward!
In Jesus name,
Pastor Phil