Q.  Who can give online?
Anyone with a credit or debit card can make an online donation. Simply register on our new payment system by clicking the REGISTER button on the donation form.  

Once you are registered user, you can set up one-time donations, recurring donations, and register and pay online for events very easily.


Q.  What are the steps?

  • Complete the registration process. 
  • Confirm your user email.
  • Choose the amount of your donation.
  • Select where your donation should be designated to. (i.e., General Ministry, Day By Day, etc.)  And that’s it!

Q.  Can I make a donation to more than one category? (donate to Calvary and Day By Day Radio?)

Yes! Simply use the “+ Add Gift”  button on the Donation Form, type in the amount for the second ministry and your donations will be designated for those ministries. 

Q. Can I set up Automatic Tithing/Donations?

Absolutely! Simply click the checkbox on the Donation Form after you have logged in. You have complete control over frequency, amount and cancelling this feature at any time.

Q. Will my online donations be included in my year-end giving statement?

Yes, a year-end statement, including in-person and online tithes and offerings will be provided to you.


Q. Can I get a receipt for my donation?

You will automatically receive a confirmation email receipt, from our secure payment processor when your donation is complete.

Q. Is online giving secure?

Yes! Our payment system Halopays describes themselves as “almost paranoid about their level of security” because they want to ensure that all of your information is encrypted and safe.  Of course it is up to you to keep your computer updated with security software, and your sign-in and password information in a secure place.

Q. What are the benefits of giving online?

Fast, and simple!  Online giving may be particularly helpful for those who do online banking. We always want you to choose the most convenient option for giving as you feel led.
We encourage you to take advantage of the new payment system, however we do still offer Paypal Donate buttons on our website.
If you have any questions about our fellowship or online giving/tithing,
please feel free to contact us at 1.847.895.3545.