Church Update | 4-2-20 AM

Good morning Church Family,

I pray you are all well and using this time to catch up on some household projects and some of your reading.
Of course, reading the Word is first on the list, but then the two books we have suggested so far this year (The Found the Secret and Pilgrim’s Progress) would greatly enhance your walk with God as well.
I just wanted to let you know that this Friday at 7pm I will be hosting a Zoom meeting for the entire church. I will be sending out an email blast today inviting all of you to attend along with some basic instructions how to use Zoom (it’s very easy!).
This will be a time to share your hearts, your concerns, and prayer requests. Thru this meeting I’m hoping we can bear each other’s burdens, encourage one another and pray for each other.
Next week our Wednesday Livestream will be cancelled because we are going to livestream our Good Friday Service on April 10th at 7 PM and conclude with communion (you’ll obviously have to have your own elements). Easter Sunday Service will be livestreamed on April 12th at 10 AM.
Please keep these upcoming services in your prayers as the Lord has been laying on people’s hearts (many unbelievers and other Christians that don’t regularly attend our church) to tune in and listen to our livestream services.
What the devil intended for evil (COVED-19), God is using for good to spread His Word to many who wouldn’t normally step foot in church to listen to the teaching of His Word!
One more thing.
I know we need to be prudent and take this Coronavirus pandemic seriously—but I want to leave you with something I hope will put things into perspective.
While everyone is so focused and fearful of how many people have died because of this virus (and rightly so)—I read this article that came about from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show yesterday (April 1). I thought it might help you to put this pandemic in perspective (not that I’m minimizing its seriousness in anyway).
“On his Wednesday broadcast, Limbaugh cited a list from that rounded up the worldwide deaths from Jan. 1 through March 25 of 2020:
    • Coronavirus: 21,000 deaths.
    • Seasonal flu: 113,000.
    • Malaria: 228,000.
    • Suicide: 249,000.
    • Traffic fatalities: 313, almost 314,000 deaths.
    • HIV/AIDS: 391,000 deaths.
    • Smoking-related deaths: 1,162,000.
    • Cancer deaths: 1,909,000 deaths.
    • Deaths attributed to starvation: 2,382,000 deaths.
    • And death by abortion: 9,900,000.”
“I’m not trying to make any correlation,” Limbaugh explained. “I’m not trying to say, ‘Hey, we’re overreacting to coronavirus death.’ I’m just giving you the stats here. You can react to these stats however you wish.”
Let’s keep things in perspective and remember that God is on the throne in all of this!
Love you all,
Pastor Phil