Church Update – 3-20-20 AM

Good Morning Dear Ones,
I don’t know what I’d do without the Lord in my life—especially in times of crisis and adversity.
Listen, I understand why people drink alcohol and take pills to calm their nerves—I understand even though I don’t agree with them.
I understand because people can’t live in a perpetual state of stress, anxiety, worry and fear (about the future)—in other words, they can’t live for very long without peace.
And so, they will eventually and inevitably seek peace thru artificial means—they will ‘grab’ it by seeking to medicate themselves with pills and/or alcohol.
This may bring some initial ‘peace’ (a false peace due to ‘escapism’ and numbing themselves to reality)—but will ultimately lead them into dependency to that drug and ultimately into bondage (addiction, where the ‘cure’ is worse than the problem they’re facing).
Whereas the peace that comes from Jesus is real, lasting and liberating!
It’s a true peace that the world knows nothing about because it’s a peace that comes directly from God—a supernatural peace that, “surpasses human comprehension.” (Phil.4:7)
It’s a peace that only comes when a person is ‘in Christ’ (saved) because this peace is an attribute of God (exclusive to His nature—check out the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22) which means it is only available to the Christian who is now a partaker of God’s divine nature (2 Peter 1:4).
JESUS said:
“These things I have spoken to you,
that in Me you may have peace.
In the world you will have tribulation;
but be of good cheer,
I have overcome the world”
(John 16:33);
“Peace I leave with you,
My peace I give to you;
not as the world gives do I give to you.
Let not your heart be troubled,
neither let it be afraid.”
(John 14:27)
This is not a time for a child of God to run to the bottle or medicine cabinet for the ‘peace’ the world gives—it is a time to draw close to Jesus and let His presence and divine peace fill your hearts and minds!
I love you all and pray God’s peace and joy upon you this day!
Pastor Phil