Church Update | 3-18-20 AM

Good Morning Calvary Family,

I hope you all slept with the peace of our precious Savior upon your hearts and minds.

I just wanted to take a minute to encourage all of you to pray, not just for peace in place of fear and calmness in place of anxiety, but also for direction as to how God might use us as a light to those in darkness. As I said last Sunday, this could be the greatest opportunity in our lifetime to be used to share the lifegiving message of salvation with those who are lost. If, however, we are going to be effective in reaching the lost during this time of upheaval and fear then, the lost need to see in us God’s peace, calmness and especially love.

If you have any elderly neighbors, maybe you could help them by picking up some basic groceries and other necessities from the store and leaving them on their doorstep. And as always, please keep our church in your prayers that God would direct us in His will. He often uses crises to redirect His people, so we want to be open to that. That’s all for now. May the peace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ be upon us all.

Your brother,

Pastor Phil