Guest Speaker Bill Federer | August 20th

Join us in welcoming Christian author and Historian
Bill Federer on Sunday, August 20th at our 8:30 & 10:30 AM services. 

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Guest Speaker | Don Veinot | 6-18-23

We hope you can join us today at 10:30 AM for our special guest speaker, Don Veinot of Midwest Christian Outreach, for his message entitled, “Jolly Old Nicolaitans”.
Don shares today on the dangers of false teachers entering the church and corrupting the truths of God. We are called to guard our hearts and minds in Christ, in His Word and by being Bereans—searching and studying The Word to be fully equipped to protect ourselves from such things. Read more…

Guest Speaker Pastor Ray Carter | 4-23-23

We were delighted to have guest speaker Pastor Ray Carter of Redemption Hill Calvary Chapel in Lake Havasu, Arizona on Sunday, April 23rd. You can watch or listen to his message entitled, “Truth Remains. It comes out of the Gospel of John, Chapter 8, verses 37-49 on our website HERE.

Guest Speaker Jay Seegert | Dec. 4th

Jay’s ministry is dedicated to understanding and defending the Christian worldview. Not only equipping the believer, but as they state, “a very gracious challenge” to skeptics who are struggling to know and understand the truths of God—but have unanswered questions thus far.

Pray about who you might invite out or to tune in to this special event!

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Guest Speaker | Pastor Zech | Teachings

We were blessed to have Worship Leader and Asst. Pastor Zech Carter share this and last weeks’ messages, “Our Greatest Need” and “True Peace—True Joy”. You can check out the teachings HERE.

Study Notes | Week of 6-26-22

Study Guide | Week of 5-22-22 Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker | Don Veinot | 7-11-21

Be sure to join us today at 10:30, in-person or via livestream as we are blessed to have Don Veinot from Christian Midwest Outreach, share his message, “Paul’s Last Word-Last Days Deception-Part 1”.
We meet at 975 E. Nerge Road, Suite N-140 in Roselle.
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