Wednesday Night Study | Revelation 6:1-2

Be sure to join us tonight at 6 PM for Prayer and 7 PM for Bible Study – both in-person or via livestream. Pastor Phil continues in the Book of Revelation.
We will also be partaking in Communion this evening.
We meet at 975 E. Nerge Road, Suite N-140 in Roselle.
Watch the livestream at 7 PM here on our website, on our mobile app, on our Youtube Channel here or on Facebook here.
No account or login needed.
If you’re joining us via livestream, be sure to have your Communion elements ready before study begins.

Study Notes | Week of 2-10-2021

Blog Post | Be Imitators of God | 2-9-21

Be sure to check out Pastor Phil’s latest blog post, “Be Imitators of God.”

Services Cancelled | 2-7-2021

Calvary Family,

Change of plans. Due to the updated severity of the weather forecasted for Sunday, Pastor Phil has deemed it safer for all concerned to cancel both services for Sunday, February 7th.

Please pass this on and be safe.

Weather Alert | from Pastor Phil | 2-5-21

Dear Calvary Family,

As you have probably heard, the temperature Sunday morning is projected to be 5 below with wind chills approaching 25 below. We are still planning on having church, but I want to encourage our senior saints to pray about staying home and watching the service at our 10:30 livestream. I don’t want anyone put in harm’s way due to the extremely bitter and potentially life threatening cold our area will be experiencing. We love you all very much and don’t want anything to happen to you—and of course by God’s grace we’ll all come thru this without a problem.

In our precious Savior’s name,


Study Notes | Week of 2-3-21

2021 Women’s Evening Study | 7 PM | 2-1-21

Ladies, we are planning to meet tomorrow, February 1st at 7 PM for our 2021 Women’s Evening Bible Study in the Book of Psalms with Cyndi Ballmaier. We’ll meet both in-person and via livestream.
We meet at:  975 E. Nerge Road, Suite N-140, in Roselle
Watch the livestream at: on our mobile app or on our website at:

Sunday Services Cancelled | 1-31-21

Due to the Winter Storm Warning in effect for the next day or so, for safety purposes, all Sunday Morning Services are cancelled for 1-31-21.