Calvary Chapel & Pastor Phil Ballmaier invites everyone to a special outreach that we are sponsoring on Saturday, July 18th.
World-renowned teacher and Evangelist Mike Macintosh will be coming out and ministering at The Gazebo at the Jack A. Claes Pavilion located at 1000 Wellington Avenue, in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
Mike has traveled the world preaching the gospel, served at Ground Zero, pastored Horizon Christian Fellowship for over 40 years, ministered to First Responders through the US. He’s been given a special message from The Lord which he will be taking to the Heartland of our nation this summer. The 2020 Vision For The Heartland has confirmed 21 cities throughout the Midwest with Lord willing, more to come!
Our outreach will begin at 6 PM with worship, followed by a timely message from Pastor Mike concerning God’s love for the American people during this time of national crisis and uncertainty.
This is an outside event so grab a blanket or a lawn chair and come join us for an evening of worship and a special uplifting message from the Lord. Now is the time to be bold! Invite your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors!
“Let all who have ears, let him hear!
Let all who have eyes—may they see—
for the fields are white unto harvest!”
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