This is the standard view calendar. What’s nice — it displays all the text, AND, if we have links and images on that date/event page, it displays completely when clicked on.  I’ve also set it up so that different ministries can display their own calendars, like the women’s ministry calendar here.

This is helpful, particularly if ministries (like the outreach ministry) have their own blog, page and those who are a part of it can visit that particular ministry page to know when they’re meeting, etc. 

The calendar also gives us the option of choosing the calendar view that we prefer! (If you open up on your mobile device) say cancel when prompted, you’ll see the tile view.

Stop and try it out now! I just stumbled across this idea — In fact, I think this might eliminate the need to use Google Calendar in the future, because this is so much better. (SEE NOTE BELOW)….

IMPORTANT NOTE:  One drawback is that, although we can import Google Calendar info, its not as detailed as Calendar, so this needs to be done manually.  The reason why we need to continue to provide the info in our Google Calendar, is that it feeds the mobile app.
The best option would be to create the initial date post in and then copy the same info into Google Calendar.  If you tested out the mobile calendar – I can drive our mobile app users to the tiled calendar, instead of using the internal app coding.

With this calendar, we have the ability of displaying a set number of days, and it provides this compact agenda-style display.
What’s great about this system is however detailed the information we input into the calendar, including links and images – its’ displayed when they select a particular date or event!  It’s awesome!!
This Week's Bulletin
This is what’s called the “Stream” Calendar. It’s a more detailed view of the weeks’ events. This can be tailored to only display 7 days.
This is the Posterboard style page.